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In the End

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In the End


November 5th, 2007



Title: In dieing, she lives
Rateing for this chapter: pg-13 to be safe.
warnings: mentions of rape and abuse
summery: Amon tells Robin just what had happened to Her, ten years ago. Where he goes when it rains.

(no subject)

 Title: In dieing she lives
Rating for this chapter: G
Warnings for this chapter: It's a little dark if you turn off the lights and squint
Summery: post series.  Three hundred and twenty years have passed since the Coven sank into the dark. Six months have passed since the Factory was destroyed. Six years have passed since Amon's heart died.
There is a grave standing in the ruins of a once-great palace. Beside the grave is standing the ruins of a once-great love. Inside the grave is his heart.
Robin asks Amon one day, who She was. Amon tells her, not knowing that he lifted the Curse by doing so.
Length: This chapter is really short, only 340 words. But it will get longer.
Pairing: AmonxOC and  AmonxRobin.


Title:Stormy night
Author: 1_1dragons
Song: Lullaby for a stormy night by Vienna Teng
Summary: After the fall of the Factory, Robin does not like being alone in the rain. But is she really alone?

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